Dark Priests

Region: The Shifting Wastes
Government: Totalitarian
Leadership: Unknown
Members: Humans, Geists, Demons
Alignment: (L/N/C)? Evil

The Dark Priests are a secretive and deadly force. It is a cult of fanatical clerics who control and manipulate Geists and Demons. Though they appear from the desert, it is unknown from exactly where they come from. Their fortress has yet to be found by any faction. Not much is known about those who are part of the Dark Priests. All that is known is that a single member is usually enough to raise an army of demons to reek havoc on helpless innocents and armies alike. Small groups of them appear from the desert, command their minions to attack, and retreat before the battle is even over. Those who have been cornered or captured have either fought to the death or committed suicide, but not before uttering promises of a dark, apocalyptic future. They directly attack all factions around them, including the Darkspawn Hordes, the Warforged Elitists and the Holy Knights. They also attack local civilian villages and towns that dot the shifting wastes. The general population of the desert has declined dramatically due to their presence.

The Canyonlands between the Dark Priests and the Holy Knights territories is place of constant battle, for it is believed that whoever owns the Canyons wins this holy war of man vs. demon.

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Dark Priests

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