Holy Knights

Region: The Golden Fields
Capitol: Kenethica
Government: Theocracy
Leadership: High Paladin Kraven Brightlance
Members: Humans
Alignment: (L/N/C)? Good

The Holy Knights are a collective force of the kingdoms of men, united under the banner of Heironeous. They effectively form a theological empire that has united all the kingdoms of the grasslands together under a single banner. The Knights themselves are Paladins and Clerics of both Pelor and Heironeous who are sworn to protect the civilians of the Kenethican Empire. The Knights are led by the High Paladin, Kraven Brightlance, a powerful warrior and devout religious figure. He leads his armies of Knights against the seemingly endless waves of Demons that come from the western desert, The Shifting Wastes.

The Canyonlands between the two factions’ territories are a place of constant battle, for it is believed that whoever owns the Canyons wins the war.

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Holy Knights

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