The Elven Woods

Their are three eleven forests left in Terra, all located on the fringes of The Golden Fields.

The Broadleaf Woods to the north and east sweep along the foothills, and reach the slopes of The Grey Curtain. Brimming with life, it is a peaceful and beautiful place at first glance. However, it is full of savage carnivores and Deadly Elves.

The Black Swamps to the west border The Sea of Shards. Snakes, crocodiles, and swarms of insects and other vermin reside here. The weather is humid and muggy, and unusually warm for its latitude. The elves here are slightly more savage than their other cousins. It is easy for them to protect their home when it is generally unwelcoming to begin with.

The Thorned Jungle on the southern shores are wild and exotic. Constant rain quenches the unending thirst of the rivers, trees and plant life. The Jungle is thick, and full of dangerous creatures, such as leopards, man eating snakes, giant insects, and even dinosaurs! The elves here have learned to live in harmony with the jungle, and it provides them with all the sustenance they need. They are some of the more peaceful elves, as their home is most likely the most dangerous and has not been deforested.

The Elven Woods

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