The Material Plane

The material plane is the known physical world that has been explored so far. It is believed to be a spherical planet that hangs in space. There is one master continent, known as Terra, with a large inland sea known as The Sea of Shards, and a massive mountain range known as The Grey Curtain which curls along its northern shores.

The Sea of Shards drains into the Ocean to the south, via the Crimson River. This River has carved a complex network of canyons that run miles across, and thousands of winding miles to the ocean. It effectively divides the super continent in two.

To the East of the river, other rivers from the grey curtain run through grasslands. The kingdoms of men flourish here. Few forests remain from the massive industrialization brought about by Dwarves and Men. What few remain are guarded ferociously by elves who claim the woodlands as their homes.

To the West is the vast desert known as The Shifting Wastes. Few rivers pass though this part of the world, and it is made up of rocky badlands, endless dunes, and scorched salt flats. This is the home of only the very best survivors… and the Warforged…

To the north of the grasslands and the eastern part of the grey curtain is The Shivering Tundra. Boreal forests, icy rivers, and frigged snow drifts mark this part of the world. It is the home of the Dwarven and Human barbarian tribes known as the Rage Kin.

High above much of the continent are the floating isles: large land masses, concentrated with Gravite, a specific ore that is lighter than air. Though they occur in many random places, they are concentrated around The Grey Curtain, and around The Canyonlands. In the latter, they are used as fortresses and checkpoints over the vast gorges, and suspension bridges are used to create paths between them. Some are completely left to the winds, and move around freely; however, some seem to be tethered in place by almost magnetic forces.

The final, and darkest portions of Terra are know as The Underdark: a vast system of caves and caverns that cross the continent. Dark, deep, and complex, these terrible and seemingly endless passages are haunted by innumerable abominations and monsters. This is the home of the Darkspawn, who have adapted to this terrible environment perfectly.

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The Material Plane

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