Warforged Elitists

Region: The Shifting Wastes
Capitol: The Steel Citadel
Government: Republic
Leadership: Council of Eight
Members: Warforged
Alignment: True Neutral

The Warforged Elitists are a collection of like-minded Warforged. They are ruled by a complex collective of highly intelligent members of their species, the Council of Eight. The Council deliberates over matters that concern the society and often come to unanimous, logical decisions—ones the populace always back with single-mindedness. The Council ruled that the other races and factions are beyond hope of returning to the ways of logic, and therefore, they must be controlled, and subjugated, for the balance of the world to be preserved. The forces of the Warforged Elitists are composed only of the strongest, most capable Warforged warriors. Their army is powerful, as the do not require the same physical needs as fleshy beings, and even the harsh climate in which they dwell does not have harmful effects on them. They are also the only race upon which the Geists seem to have no effect. This puts them at an elevated level of concern for the Dark Priests, who can only combat them with sheer numbers and traditional tactics, without relying on their ‘reproducing army.’

The Warforged Elitists share only grudging alliances with other factions. They believe that the age of machines is coming, and soon all the world will be under the rule of the Warforged.

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Warforged Elitists

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