New Announcement (17 Feb) see below

Pathfinder SRD

Here’s a link to a pathfinder SRD, this is what we are probably going to use for classes and such. Also open to classic 3.5 and 3.0 stuff, just make sure to run it by Chris or I

Pathfinder SRD D&D 3.7
Also, DnDOG forums: HERE

For Character Creation.

2 feats at 1st level, along with 2 traits.

Character abilities are to be rolled thusly:
In Order: roll 4d6, reroll 1’s, reroll the lowest die, discard the lowest die, repeat for 6 stats. If you reroll and get a 1, reroll the 1.

Party Summary

Player Race Classes Alignment
Adam Darkspawn Oracle/ Monk Lawful Neutral
Dale Elf Barbearian Chaotic Neutral
Steven Darkspawn Rogue/Ranger Chaotic Neutral
Gina Human Armiger/Paladin Lawful Good
Anthony Gnome Alchemist/Artificer Chaotic Neutral

News and Announcements

17 Feb 2012

We’re up! Our game has been approved and we have ourselves a forum! We can start playing now! That didn’t take too long now did it.

Here is the direct link to the forum:

The games called “Steam, Bronze, and Fire”. Not a great name, but I had to come up with one on the spot. Anyway, Adam will be starting us off, and from there I’ll have your characters introduced and bump into each other. There is an OOC thread on the forum if you have any questions or want to work something out with the DM’s or other characters.

Lets get started.


16 Feb 2012

Scott here. So yeah minor setback. We only have a trial account on here, so we actually dont have access to the forums. .

Sooooooo, I logged on to DnDOG. Its a forum site for pbp D&D games. It’s pretty handy, just lacks some of the bells and whistles this site has, but the upside is its free. It also has an in post dice roller, which will make combat and such easy.

So here’s the plan. We’re going to dual wield these two sites. Come here for maps, wiki, and announcements, and use DnDOG for the forums, and maybe characters sheets as well.

I really want to start the story soon. Adam will be starting us off. I want to start messaging people and working out character and world details with them. Chris is working on the first dungeon, and I am working on the story line. Once we get this final little setback out of the way, we should be golden.

Here is the link to DnDOG:

If you don’t have a account, or forgot your log-in information, make a new one, lol.


10 Feb 2012

Okie doke, a minor update. Some character… uh… issues were worked out. I’ve gone ahead and sent Steve a request to join the campaign, so he should be on within a few days and hopefully can get his character squared away soon.

One thing I’d like to say is thank you all for being cooperative and patient, especially concerning our restrictions on characters. Though minor, we are doing it to promote cooperation between the characters, not animosity. The campaign can hardly move along if the characters are spending more time fighting amongst themselves than adventuring. I’d actually prefer if there were more good-aligned characters, truthfully, but I’ll take what I can get. I’m sure Scott feels much the same way. So again, I know there’s been some hiccups, but we thank you for humoring us.

Oh! One last thing. We’ve been using Udalrich’s Pathfinder Character Sheet (because it was the only one available), but just recently (like the last week), a new one bacame available for use. The Pathfinder RPG Universal Sheet is now available for us to use in the character edit pages. I’ve tested it out a bit and the adding of new lines for extra feats and whatnot seems to work better than the old sheet, except for adding new skills, but that may just be my Internet Explorer. If you have a character made with Udalrich’s sheet (the old one), you can even just switch over to the new sheet and it fills in (a majority of) your information into the right spots. You might have to go in and clean up some, but it does transfer most of it properly. Just saying.


09 Feb 2012

Been a long while since we updated anything, but for those still checking here, Scott is pushing to get this started. He’s still somewhat busy, but Steve (and subsequently Dale) now have characters (though the LE thing may need to be addressed) and we are hopefully drawing closer to playing. Anyway, the party summary is updated as of right now, and I think we’re just about where we need to be. Still talking with Scott on specifics, but you’ll hear more from us soon.


10 Oct

Chris again. I don’t want to draw too much from Scott’s previous post, but I want to make a new notes. Firstly, I changed the campaign tag from D&D 3.5 to Pathfinder. This gave us access to much better character sheets, as I’m sure you’ll see soon.

The other thing that goes along with that is that we’re basically using Pathfinder rules to create characters. This means you get two appropriate traits from PF on top of normal goodies and that listen/search/spot are collectively Perception and hide/move silent are Stealth. Just little things, you’ll see it con the character sheet.

Finally, using the honor system, character abilities are to be rolled thusly:
In Order: roll 4d6, reroll 1’s, reroll the lowest die, discard the lowest die, repeat for 6 stats

9 Oct

Scott Here

Here’s the rundown of the party makeup so far

Player Race Classes Alignment
Adam Darkspawn Oracle/ Monk Lawful (G,N?)
Dale Elf Barbearian Chaotic (G,N?)
Steven Unknown Unknown Unknown
Gina Unknown Unknown Unknown
Phil Unknown Unknown Unknown

No big deal, as me and Chris are still working on a lot of different things right now. One thing we do want to drill home:

Please try to avoid evil characters.

I want this to be a long running, professional campaign. If we get good and evil characters in the same group, especially played by you guys, I promise you, you will all die, and very quickly. CN, LN, N, all fine and good, just no evil people please?

Me and Chris are thinking about Cycling Characters in and out of the campaign, depending on when people are available, or are going to be busy. If a role in the party is missing, me or Chris will have our character step into the story to help. Should make for dynamic game play.


Phil and Gina are both interested in joining, so that should help even the party out some. Phil is new, so everyone make him feel welcome and offer to help him out. Gina is kind of new too, but has lots of role play experience, so shes a welcome addition.

That’s all for now, can’t wait to see everyone’s character ideas.


Chris here. Cleaned up some code errors, tagged all existing pages, inserted/cleaned links where appropriate/needed. Turned the Items page into the Objects page and built a submenu for different objects like weapons, armor, vehicles, etc. Going to update the Wiki Map now for appropriate new pages and new terminology for proper linkage. Scott uploaded a world map and marked locations on it; I will go ahead and link those markers to the appropriate wiki pages as well. We’re moving along here folks. Scott left his laptop somewhere so can’t get on and edit tonight, leaving that to me, but he is working on more maps and details offline.

Keep on your characters! Remember, it’s Gestalt and includes Core, Pathfinder, and other 3.5 class choices! Make sure to run stuff by Scott though, just to be safe. Cheers!


6 Oct

Scott finalized the pantheon. All that’s needed is descriptions and those wont take long. The Gods, and their domains, are all listed, so that will definitely help for paladin and cleric creation.

4 Oct

Both Scott and myself put in a good deal of work tonight. Scott got busy naming things and describing the various regions and planes while I went through behind him and cleaned up the mess of links he left behind, lol. I also set up the Pantheon page, finished the faction information, and updated the Wiki Map as we went. This thing is incredibly useful! It’s also a great judge of what we still have left to accomplish.
Hopefully tomorrow, Scott and I can continue to crack down on this stuff. We still need to name some things and sort out the various factions a little more, but it will come in time.
To Do:

  • Naming, various
  • Factions, clean up, decisions
  • Places and Planes, much stuff
  • Pantheon, decisions
  • Backwards Navigation, cleanup


3 Oct

Everybody thank Chris, cause he seriously put this wiki and site together by himself.

3 Oct

Got a lot done tonight, squared away most of the racial traits. Just gotta go through and type everything up nicely. Also, name changes require a bit of cleaning up links, so I’ll do that later too. Until then, sleep time.


Steam, Bronze, and Fire

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